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May 9, 2010 / Katie

A Little Taste of Vietnam

The popularity of banh mi, those scrumptious Vietnamese sandwiches, seems to be on the rise these days, what with all the hole in the wall shops scattered throughout Chinatown and more trendy, mainstream venues like Baoguette cropping up. Even my local coffee house, Roots & Vines, offers several banh mi variations on their menu.

With banh mi on the brain, I stopped in at An Choi on Orchard St. to grab a quick bite to eat while running some errands around town. Their banh mi, while on the pricier side, definitely hit the spot. I’ll have to make a return visit to try out their pho.

An Choi
85 Orchard Street (between Grand & Broome)
New York, NY 10002


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  1. Jared / Dec 15 2010 10:47 am

    Oh! My fiance LOVES Banh Mi. Her grandmother used to take her into Chinatown and, while her grandfather played mahjong and after granny got her hair done, they would pick up a banh mi and head over to the Music Palace. They would sit there ALL DAY LONG and watch Hong Kong movie after movie. Grandma used to cover her eyes during the dirty scenes =P

    I’m really enjoying your blog, Katie. =)

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