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Good Eats

In a city brimming with foodies and restaurants as far as the eye can see, it comes as no surprise that New Yorkers are constantly on the lookout for the latest food craze or the most exclusive speakeasy. And since I started writing Five Spice Alley, the question I get asked most frequently is where to eat. While I definitely recommend making the trek out to Flushing in Queens or Sunset Park in Brooklyn for the most authentic Chinese fare, you can still make the most of the culinary delights available in good ol’ Chinatown. Here is a guide to some of my favorite haunts. I also highly recommend downloading the Chinatown Chow Down app that offers a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate list of the best joints in the nabe.

Dim Sum               Dumplings               Hole in the Walls               Regional

Bubble Tea            酒吧/Bars                 South East Asian                Vegetarian


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