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9 Doyers Street
Like most New York speakeasies, Apotheke (app-o-tek) tends to be a bit on the pretentious side. If you can swallow paying $15 bucks and up for a cocktail, though, then their specially prescribed drinks, made with an array of exotic herbs and fruits, are sure to quench your thirst. The bar has a cushy, velvet interior and some nights you may even be greeted by a puss in boots-esque doorman.
35 Canal Street
Quiet and low lit, Clandestino is the perfect neighborhood bar to throw back a drink or two on lazy Sunday night.
105 Eldridge Street
A chill biker bar with a cavernous back room, complete with projector screen movies, dance floor, and pool table. Drinks are cheap and go down accordingly.
Happy Ending
302 Broome Street
This sketchy massage parlor moonlights as a bar and dance club. The venue also hosts spoken word and literary events throughout the week.
Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie Street
You’ll feel right at home at this sweet little dive bar and hipster dance party. Friday nights will have you busting out your 60s dance moves to the DJ’s groovy tunes. Drinks are dirt cheap, though there is sometimes a small cover charge at the door ($3).
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