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South East Asian


199 Grand Street
In the heart of Little Italy, Nyonya is the go-to Malaysian place in town. Mango chicken is always a crowd-pleaser and the ABC shaved ice is a nice way to end any meal. 
18 Doyers Street
If you’re feeling adventurous, descend down the staircase entrance into this subterranean Malaysian restaurant. The place is decked out with Malay flair and batik tablecloths, which gives the restaurant a homey feeling. Be sure to try the roti canai (naan-like bread with curry dipping sauce), char kway teow (a signature Malaysian dish made of stir-fried rice noodles, shrimp, and runny egg yolks) and beef rendang.


Pho Grand 
277 Grand Street
Feeling under the weather or just in need of some warm comfort food? Order a bowl of pho–Vietnamese rice noodle soup topped with thin slices of beef, cilantro, sriracha, scallions–and you’ll feel right as rain. Pho Grand serves a variety of wet and dry noodles along with other small plates like spring rolls. And remember, pho is pronounced fuh, not foe!
Paris Sandwich Bakery Cafe*
113 Mott Street
Bringing together the best of Vietnamese and French cuisines, this cute little bakery serves bbq pork banh mi, croissants, coffee, and a selection of Vietnamese sweets.
An Choi
85 Orchard Street
An Choi serves up a modern take on banh mi and pho and at modern prices too. Make sure to wear your ray-bans and skinny jeans so as to blend in with the hipster clientele.


Pongsri Thai Restaurant
106 Bayard Street
* Five Spice Alley Picks
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